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Mississinewa Riverwalk

Mississinewa Riverwalk

Marion is fortunate to be a pass-through destination of the Mississinewa River, as it flows through the city including downtown.

The Mississinewa Riverwalk is a 2.25 mile long walking path which begins at the Washington Street bridge and 1st Street, and extends through to the fishing pond in Matter Park. The Mississinewa Riverwalk is a trail for both recreation and physical fitness. Residents and visitors take advantage of the paved trail in a variety of ways.

Along the Mississinewa Riverwalk, you’ll pass through several public parks which have playgrounds, shelters with seating and open grills, historic monuments, benches with commemorative plaques, and so much more…all of this while enjoying the beautiful Mississinewa River on your journey. 

The Mississinewa Riverwalk was established in the 1980’s, through community partnerships. The Parks & Recreation Department is thankful to have worked with sponsors and contributors including the Grant County Realtors and the Grant County Historical Society. The City has had the recent pleasure of working with the Realtors, in-house marketing, and an intern from Indiana Wesleyan University on a new signage project and riverwalk makeover, which will unveil in 2018.