ILP (Improvement Location Permit) Procedures

Outlined are Permit Procedures for Noncommercial Improvement & Permanent Signs.

Please note that all contractors doing work in the City of Marion must register.

For Minor Remodeling in an Existing Structure:

  1. Obtain a Building Permit from the City of Marion Building Department

For an Addition to an Existing Structure, New Construction, or Permanent Sign:

  1. Obtain an Improvement Location Permit from the City Planning Department

    1. You must have a plot drawing showing lot dimensions; placement and dimensions of all buildings existing on the lot dimensions and placement of the proposed addition; and also show clearance from buildings to all lot lines.

  2. Bring your Improvement Location Permit along with plans and/​or drawings available to the Marion Municipal Building. *If no mailing address exists, address assignment is issued by the Plan Commission when you apply for your Improvement Location Permit.
  3. All construction must have necessary inspections. Before additions or new structures may be legally occupied, a final inspection is required so you may obtain an Occupancy Permit.

Note: If driveways, sidewalks, or curbs are to be installed within right-of-way, see Engineering & Traffic Department for a Street Cut Permit.