Commercial Permits

A Commercial property includes any structure more than a two family dwelling. A commercial building permit is required for any new structure, accessory building, addition and electrical, plumbing or HVAC work being preformed.

You are also required to pull a commercial building permit when changing the size of any window or doorway. If the cost of the job exceeds one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) for interior or exterior cosmetic remodeling (siding, paint, roof, flooring dry wall, etc.) a commercial permit is required. If the floor plan of the structure will change, the City of Marion Building Department, in accordance with state code, requires that you provide a State Design Release from the State of Indiana. Commercial building permits are required for the instillation of wireless towers, canopies etc. The City of Marion Building Department requires a commercial building permit is pulled for any new signs being built/​installed. You will also need to obtain a Sign Permit through the Planning Department. Please see the Building Department Commercial Permit Fee Schedule for permit costs. Inspections are required for all jobs requiring a permit. Twenty four (24) hour notice is required for all necessary inspections. 

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