Factors for Inspection

Outlined below are the factors for inspection for all residential and commercial construction.

You must provide the permit number and the job address to request an inspection. It is your responsibility to call the Building Department when your project is ready for inspection. The contractor and/​or property owner is required to be present on site when the inspection is conducted. If no one can be on site during the inspection, please reschedule. The inspection will not be conducted if no one is present. 

Inspections are required as follows:

  1. Footers: Before concrete is poured, then a final inspection.

  2. Foundations and crawl area: Before concrete floors are poured or wood floor built, then a final inspection.

  3. All rough-in framing, plumbing, heating and wiring: Before it is covered up, then a final inspection. 

  4. Roof: After tear-off, then a final inspection. Ice and water shield is required and must be inspected.

  5. When upgrading electrical or new service: An inspection is required before American Electric Power will connect. *Note – Service panel cover must be off for this inspection.

  6. When changing window or door sizes: An inspection is required during the job after old windows and doors are removed.

  7. Final inspections: Required for all jobs. All new structures and room additions are required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy” from the City of Marion Building Department before the structure may be occupied. All work inspected must be in accordance with current building codes before a Certificate of Occupancy” will be issued.

See the contact below to schedule an inspection. A 24-hour notice is required, however it does not guarantee next-day inspection. Inspections are scheduled in the order they are received. We will do our best to schedule next-day inspections when we receive proper notice. Please plan accordingly. 

Please note there will be a fifty dollar ($50.00) fee for all missed scheduled inspections. If you cannot be present for a scheduled inspection, please notify the Building Department as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule. We will not reschedule missed inspections until the $50.00 fee is paid.

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