How to Apply

Any person or group desiring to occupy any parking space on a public street in the City of Marion in connection with the maintenance, erection, construction, remodeling or demolition of any building or improvement on property abutting thereto, or for any reason not listed, is required to obtain an obstruction permit on a form prepared and provided by the City.

How to Apply for and Use an Obstruction Permit:

1. Download permit application

2. Complete application mail/​drop off to the attention of Engineering along with:

  • A $25.00 check or money order 
  • Your email and phone number
  • A credit card or debit card number

3. Once funds have been received, an Obstruction Permit Placard will be issued. This placard needs to be kept on the site.

See Contacts tab on the Engineering page for our mailing address and other contact information.

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