50/50 Sidewalk Program

50/50 Sidewalk Program

The City of Marion continues to offer the 50/50 Sidewalk Program as part of our federally mandated ADA requirements.

How it works…

Citizens of Marion may contact the Engineering & Traffic Department and set up a meeting to have an Engineering Representative meet with you at your location to review the sidewalk you would like to get replaced/​repaired. Upon completion of the review, the City Representative will contact qualified contractors to review the sidewalk and have them return an estimate for the repair to the City of Marion.

The City Representative will then meet with you to review the quotes. If you wish to proceed, you will be required to sign off on the quote and pay 50% of the cost up front to the contractor, and the Engineering Department will set up the project with the contractor.

Upon completion of the replacement/​repair, the City will inspect the work with you to make sure you are satisfied with the project at which point the remainder of the 50% will be paid to the contractor by the City of Marion.

Schedule early…

Early scheduling of the 50/50 Sidewalk Program is recommended as these funds deplete quickly.

Note: The program is strictly for sidewalks and drive aprons located in the City’s Right of Way.

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