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Vic­tim’s Advocate

Vic­tim’s Advocate

Whether you’re a vic­tim of domes­tic vio­lence or per­son­al assault, the Vic­tim’s Advo­ca­cy Office will work with you to pre­pare you to obtain jus­tice against the perpetrator.

The Vic­tim’s Advo­ca­cy Office is avail­able for emer­gency call-outs 247, (non-emer­gency: 7656629981 or 911 for emer­gen­cies) and pledges to make con­tact with all vic­tims of violence.

The Vic­tim’s Advo­ca­cy Office assists the team of advo­cates serv­ing Grant Coun­ty, and works close­ly with the Deputy Pros­e­cu­tor, from the Grant Coun­ty Prosecutor’s Office, to see that jus­tice is served.

It is our top pri­or­i­ty is to stress the impor­tance of fos­ter­ing a healthy rela­tion­ship between all involved par­ties, and to assist indi­vid­u­als to find solu­tions and resources that will pro­vide a promis­ing future for their entire family.


  • Explains the court process and terminology
  • Keeps you informed of court dates and times
  • Assists in fil­ing pro­tec­tive orders
  • Assists in fil­ing paper­work for resti­tu­tion, vic­tim com­pen­sa­tion, and vic­tim impact statements
  • Pro­vides emo­tion­al support

How can you help in court?

  • Dress neat­ly and be polite
  • Be atten­tive
  • Speak clear­ly and loudly
  • Be hon­est and fair
  • Answer all ques­tions directly
  • THINK before you speak

How the court pro­ce­dure works:

  • The case is filed with Grant Coun­ty Prosecutor.
  • The ini­tial hear­ing takes place where the charges are read to the defen­dant (the defen­dant pleads guilty or not guilty).
  • If a not guilty plea is entered, a tri­al date is set.
  • The advo­cate will assist you and be with you through­out all of the court proceedings.

It may be dif­fi­cult to reach out for help, but by con­tact­ing the Vic­tim’s Advo­ca­cy Office, you will find that we can offer you sup­port and infor­ma­tion to help­ful ser­vices that you may not know about. Many indi­vid­u­als are relieved to know our agency strives to make sure vic­tims are helped, and receive the tools they need to over­come a less for­tu­nate situation.

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