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The Victim's Advocacy Office

Tammy Wolf is the Victim’s Advocate for the Marion Police Department. She has served the citizens of Marion in various roles since 2006, and in September 2013, Tammy was reassigned to the task of coordinating with victims of personal crimes through the Marion City Court. Tammy’s dedication and perseverance has led to the victims' voices being heard, and has allowed them to become involved in all aspects of the judicial system.

Whether you’re a victim of domestic violence or personal assault, the Victim's Advocacy Office will work with you to prepare you to obtain justice against the perpetrator. The Victim's Advocacy Office is available for emergency call-outs 24/7, (non-emergency: 765-662-9981 or 911 for emergencies) and pledges to make contact with all victims of violence.

The Victim's Advocacy Office assists the team of advocates serving Grant County, and works closely with the Deputy Prosecutor, from the Grant County Prosecutors Office, to see that justice is served.

It is our top priority is to stress the importance of fostering a healthy relationship between all involved parties, and to assist individuals to find solutions and resources that will provide a promising future for their entire family.

What can the Victim's Advocate offer you?

Explain the court process and terminology

Keep you informed of court dates and times

Assist in filing protective orders

Assist in filing paperwork for restitution, victim compensation and victim impact statements.

And to also provide emotional support

How can you help in court?

Dress neatly and be polite

Be attentive

Speak clearly and loudly

Be honest and fair

Answer all questions directly

THINK before you speak and always speak the TRUTH

How the court procedure works

The case is filed with Grant County Prosecutors office.

The initial hearing takes place - the charges are read to the defendant (the defendant pleads guilty or not guilty).

If a not guilty plea is entered, a trial date is set.

The advocate will assist you and be with you throughout all of the court proceedings.

It may be difficult for individuals to reach out for help, but by contacting the Victim's Advocacy Office, you will find that we can offer you support, and information to helpful services that you may not know about. Many individuals are relieved to know our agency strives to make sure victims are helped and receive the tools that they need to overcome a less fortunate situation. Please contact the Victims Advocacy office's direct line, 765-668-3688, or, with any questions that you may have.

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