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Dec 8, 2022  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

Mar­i­on Police Offi­cer Scott Fletch­er uses his mil­i­tary com­bat medic train­ing as a vital part of his rou­tine, hav­ing saved mul­ti­ple lives and counting. 

In one instance, on Novem­ber 5th, 2022, he saved a young child who had stopped breath­ing. The 3‑year-old boy was blue and life­less when Offi­cer Fletch­er and fel­low offi­cers arrived to a home on W. 8th Street. After 30 sec­onds and some hard back slaps, the child start­ing cry­ing and breath­ing again and his col­or imme­di­ate­ly returned. Fletch­er had learned that the child was on a feed­ing tube and had vom­it­ed while being fed. Know­ing that feed­ing tube patients can­not swal­low on their own, he knew quick­ly what to do.

Sgt. Michael Ross had stat­ed in a report that, Offi­cer Fletcher’s quick and deci­sive action and knowl­edge quick­ly led to the baby breath­ing again.”

Fletch­er had served four years active-duty mil­i­tary as a Com­bat Medic in the U.S. Army. The Army was where he also received his EMT cer­ti­fi­ca­tion and began teach­ing BLS (Basic Life Sup­port) and CLS (Car­diac Life Sup­port). Since out of the mil­i­tary, Fletch­er has been the EMS Direc­tor at Mar­i­on Qual­i­ty Care, served on a vol­un­teer fire depart­ment, and has been with MPD since 2020.

Fletch­er uses advanced med­ical train­ing to save lives on a week­ly basis as a first respon­der – from treat­ing over­dose cas­es, gun­shot wounds, motor vehi­cle acci­dents, and more.

Chief Angel Haley expressed, Offi­cer Fletch­er does a fan­tas­tic job, and is an asset to the depart­ment. He works tire­less­ly for the cit­i­zens of Marion.”

Despite the intense work, Fletch­er is an offi­cer who tru­ly loves his job and val­ues the cama­raderie of his fel­low offi­cers. It’s some­thing I have strived for since the mil­i­tary. It is a broth­er and sis­ter­hood. You rely on each oth­er to have your back. I’m very close to every­one I work with, and it’s why I love com­ing in to work every day.”

Fletch­er has an 18-year-old son who in Decem­ber of 2022 also grad­u­at­ed as a Com­bat Medic.

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