Meet Zion, MPD's New Therapy Dog Share

May 5, 2021  |  Web Administrator

Meet Zion! Zion is a Bernese Moun­tain Dog pup­py who begins his train­ing as a depart­ment ther­a­py dog next month! Thanks to local donors, MPD has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to start a ther­a­py dog pro­gram that will serve offi­cers, oth­er first respon­ders, and cit­i­zens! Zion hopes to pro­vide some com­fort dur­ing hard times both for first respon­ders and the pub­lic. Zion has some work to do before he’s ful­ly cer­ti­fied, how­ev­er, you may see him out and about get­ting social­ized” as part of his train­ing. MPD’s ther­a­py dog pro­gram is fund­ed on dona­tions. If you wish to donate, please send us a PM (link below). In the mean­time, spread the word, and send Zion some pos­i­tive vibes as he gets trained!

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