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Ser­vices & Fees

Ser­vice and Fee Schedule

Dog Adop­tion Prices

Adop­tion Fee: $190.00

All Adop­tions Include:

  • Spay/​Neuter
  • Rabies
  • Boost­er Shots 
  • Microchip
  • Flea Pre­ven­tion
  • Deworm
  • City Tags

Cat Adop­tion Prices

You pick your price. We require you to pay for spay/​neuter and rabies before leav­ing. Total cost is $140. (includes spay/​neuter, rabies, boost­er shots, microchip, flea pre­ven­tion, city tags, dewormed)

Dog Ser­vice Prices

Rabies Vac­cine: $40

Dog Vac­cines: $64

Microchip­ping: $10

Heart­worm Test: $30

Par­vo Test: $30

Cat Ser­vice Prices

Cat Vac­cines: $65

Leukemia: $35

Microchip­ping: $10

Shel­ter Prices

Own­er Drop-off: $25 per Animal

Return to Own­er: $50 Plus $15 per day and own­er must pur­chase rabies shot & spay/​neuter

Bite Return: $150 plus own­er must pur­chase a rabies shot

City Licens­es

Altered Animal/​City License: $10 per year

Unaltered/​Breeder: $50 per year; must apply at Mar­i­on Ani­mal Care & Control

Aggres­sive License: $150 per year

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