Animal Care & Control

Animal Care & Control

The mission of Animal Care & Control is to provide a compassionate and healthy environment for the animals in their care until they are returned to owners or adopted.

The shelter staff is friendly and welcoming, and provides an array of services to foster permanent homes for these animals.

Programs & Services


Our Facebook page is the method we use to document every animal that comes in, and we also post animals that are up for adoption. If you see an animal on Facebook for adoption, you may contact us and come in to meet that animal. https://​www​.face​book​.com/​M​A​C​C​2008/

Loaning Love”

Loaning Love” was created in 2013. When we were holding Puppy Play Date” at IWU each year, college students would tell us that what they missed from home the most was their beloved pets. We have, on average, 30 – 40 dogs that are up for adoption at all times, and they would love to spend time outside the shelter. Hence, we created the Loaning Love” program. All you have to do is come into the shelter, fill out an application, and choose from the dogs that are qualified to go. The dogs need to return to the shelter at 4:30pm after the day-long play date.

On-site Vet

Doctor Durkes is at the Animal Care & Control Shelter Tuesday through Thursday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. His number is (765) 6640734. His emergency number is (765) 6617873. Website: https://​durkesvet​eri​naryclin​ic​.com/

Priority 4 Paws

In partnership with Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Priority 4 Paws is a program featuring a mobile surgery unit that travels to animal shelters to spay and neuter shelter pets up for adoption. The program helps train veterinary medicine students while providing care for the shelters.

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