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First Year of Champions to be Honored at An Evening in the Gardens Share

Jul 5, 2017  |  Web Administrator

On Fri­day, July 21st, dur­ing An Evening in the Gar­dens, May­or Jess Alum­baugh will present Cer­tifi­cates of Appre­ci­a­tion to the Cham­pi­ons he has rec­og­nized through­out one full year.

The City of Mar­i­on began nam­ing Champions”…individuals who have dis­played out­stand­ing ser­vant lead­er­ship or extra­or­di­nary achievement…beginning in July of 2016 short­ly after the City adopt­ed the new slo­gan, City of Champions.”

We have many cham­pi­ons in the com­mu­ni­ty. The few that we rec­og­nize essen­tial­ly serve as an exam­ple as to why we are the City of Cham­pi­ons, while encour­ag­ing cit­i­zens to serve in their own way,” explained May­or Alumbaugh.

The pre­sen­ta­tion will take place at the Gar­dens of Mat­ter Park’s annu­al fundrais­ing event, An Evening in the Gar­dens, from 4 to 4:30pm at 1 Mat­ter Park Cir­cle. There is a $5 entry fee, how­ev­er, des­ig­nat­ed Cham­pi­ons and a guest of their choice will receive free entry.

The full 12 months of Cham­pi­ons are list­ed below in chrono­log­i­cal order. Click on each of their names to read their story.

If you would like to rec­om­mend some­one you believe to be a Cham­pi­on, please fill out the Share a Sto­ry” form on our home­page. Learn more about the Cham­pi­on of the Month pro­gram here.

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