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City Employees Begin Recycling Program Share

Oct 23, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

On Mon­day, Octo­ber 22nd, City of Mar­i­on employ­ees began an inter­nal recy­cling pro­gram to think green” when dis­pos­ing of trash. The Mayor’s Office, City Hall Build­ing & Grounds, and City­wide Main­te­nance Depart­ment worked togeth­er to imple­ment recy­cling office paper, plas­tic bot­tles, and alu­minum cans. The pro­gram is active for all employ­ees not only in the munic­i­pal build­ing, but all fire sta­tions, bus depot, the City Garage’ (City­wide Maintenance/​Street Dept.), Ani­mal Care & Con­trol, and the main­te­nance shop in Mat­ter Park.

There are 15 sets of three col­or-cod­ed stacked bins with­in each depart­ment where employ­ees are able to place respec­tive items. As they fill up, items will be con­sol­i­dat­ed and deliv­ered to the Grant Coun­ty Recy­cling Cen­ter. The cost of the pro­gram is only $900, which is the total cost of the 45 bins. The pro­gram is only for employ­ees as the bins are placed in areas with­out pub­lic access.

Build­ing & Grounds Man­ag­er, Robert Cas­sidy, said the pro­gram is set up con­ve­nient­ly for City employ­ees. Each depart­ment has its own set of con­tain­ers, so we don’t all have to go to one com­mon area to drop items off. It’s right where you work,” explained Cas­sidy. The City is focus­ing on recy­cling three item cat­e­gories, but the pro­gram is set up to be adap­tive to needs with­in each depart­ment, added Cassidy.

May­or Jess Alum­baugh said imple­ment­ing a recy­cling pro­gram for City work­ers is long over­due. Like oth­er may­ors, I often speak about qual­i­ty of life and qual­i­ty of place. This begins with a safe and healthy envi­ron­ment in which to live and work. Ini­ti­at­ing a recy­cling pro­gram for our employ­ees will serve as a build­ing block for the City of Mar­i­on’s com­mit­ment to qual­i­ty of life and place.” 

To learn more about the recy­cling resources in Marion/​Grant Coun­ty, check out:

Mar­i­on Util­i­ties
1540 N. Wash­ing­ton St., Mar­i­on, IN 46952

Grant Coun­ty Recy­cling Cen­ter
3939 S. Garth­waite Rd., Gas City, IN 46933

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