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City Employees Begin Recycling Program Share

Oct 23, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

On Monday, October 22nd, City of Marion employees began an internal recycling program to think green” when disposing of trash. The Mayor’s Office, City Hall Building & Grounds, and Citywide Maintenance Department worked together to implement recycling office paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. The program is active for all employees not only in the municipal building, but all fire stations, bus depot, the City Garage’ (Citywide Maintenance/​Street Dept.), Animal Care & Control, and the maintenance shop in Matter Park.

There are 15 sets of three color-coded stacked bins within each department where employees are able to place respective items. As they fill up, items will be consolidated and delivered to the Grant County Recycling Center. The cost of the program is only $900, which is the total cost of the 45 bins. The program is only for employees as the bins are placed in areas without public access.

Building & Grounds Manager, Robert Cassidy, said the program is set up conveniently for City employees. Each department has its own set of containers, so we don’t all have to go to one common area to drop items off. It’s right where you work,” explained Cassidy. The City is focusing on recycling three item categories, but the program is set up to be adaptive to needs within each department, added Cassidy.

Mayor Jess Alumbaugh said implementing a recycling program for City workers is long overdue. Like other mayors, I often speak about quality of life and quality of place. This begins with a safe and healthy environment in which to live and work. Initiating a recycling program for our employees will serve as a building block for the City of Marion’s commitment to quality of life and place.” 

To learn more about the recycling resources in Marion/​Grant County, check out:

Marion Utilities
1540 N. Washington St., Marion, IN 46952

Grant County Recycling Center
3939 S. Garthwaite Rd., Gas City, IN 46933

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