Top Code Violations

  • Overgrown weeds
  • Trash/​solid waste
  • Abandoned vehicles

Some ways to avoid having violations…

Overgrown Weeds

Weed violations occur when grass/​weeds exceed nine inches. We put notice in the paper twice in April. We do not notify property owners after June 1st. We believe this method allows for an ample grace period for owners to get grass mowed and weeds pulled.

Trash/​Solid Waste

Residents and/​or property owners need to use the provided blue toters from Marion Utilities. Do not set out an excessive amount of large trash because Marion Utilities will only pick up one large item per month if scheduled prior.

Abandoned Vehicles

All vehicles need to be registered and plated. There is usually some confusion regarding cars parked on private property. Vehicle owners might think they don’t need to be insured or plated if they’re on private property, but in fact, they do. Also, cars cannot be parked on public property for more than 72 hours at a time. 

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