Code Enforce­ment

Code Enforce­ment

The Mar­i­on Code Enforce­ment Depart­ment exists to pro­vide prop­er enforce­ment of ordi­nances to pro­mote and main­tain a healthy, safe, and desir­able qual­i­ty of life for its citizens.

What is Code Enforce­men­t’s Role in Improv­ing Your Community?

  • Enforce state statutes and local ordinances
  • Improve the life of our citizens
  • Improve the over­all image of the com­mu­ni­ty infrastructure
  • Address com­plaints
  • Proac­tive­ly imple­ment ways to improve code enforcement
  • Work close­ly with neigh­bor­hood associations
  • Pro­vide edu­ca­tion­al material
  • Encour­age cit­i­zens to appear in court as an ally
  • Help to main­tain and increase prop­er­ty values

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