city hall building

City Hall Building & Grounds

City Hall Building & Grounds

City Hall is the administrative building of the municipal government of Marion, located at 301 S. Branson Street, Marion, Indiana, 46952.

The Building & Grounds Department keeps the City of Marion facilities and grounds in good condition and in working order. Due to the diligence of a small staff, Marion has a municipal building and grounds of which we can be proud.

Mission Statement

To provide good and efficient service, a safe facility, and keep the building and grounds looking their best so visitors and citizens of Marion are proud of the facility when they visit City Hall.

Programs & Services

  • Interior Maintenance: Cleaning of municipal buildings, painting, remodeling offices, stripping and refinishing floors, shampooing carpets, plumbing, and general upkeep.
  • Outdoor Maintenance: Mowing lawn, maintaining landscape, plowing snow, and general upkeep of City Hall building and grounds.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Keeping the infrastructure of the building in good working order including the generator, heating and air-conditioning units, mowers, snow removal equipment, etc.
  • Testing of safety equipment including the fire alarms and sprinkler system.
  • Carrying out the internal Recycling Program for the main City government buildings.

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