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Abandoned/Inoperable Vehicles: The City of Marion has adopted a City Ordinance regarding abandoned vehicles and we also enforce the State of Indiana Statute regarding abandoned vehicles.

A vehicle is considered abandoned when it meets one of more of the following criteria. It is in a state of disrepair and/or incapable of being moved and/or stopping under its own power. All vehicles must have current proper plates. In other words, if the vehicle is pulled over during a traffic stop, it must survive the traffic stop. Vehicles that are in violation of the City Ordinance have two different correction deadlines depending on their location. If the vehicle is found on public property (street, alleyway, public parking lot, and right-or-way), the deadline is set for 72 hours, If the vehicle is found on private property then the deadline is set for 20 days.

The intent of this ordinance is to prevent abandoned vehicles from having a negative impact on our neighborhoods. In addition, abandoned vehicles are considered a violation because these types of vehicles are dangerous to children playing in the neighborhood. They also cause an environmental issues. They leak fluids such as gasoline, oil, and anti-freeze and other vehicle fluids.

If you receive and orange 'Notice to Remove' sticker on your vehicle, you should make arrangements to correct the violation within the period outlined on the notice or remove the vehicle. If the violations are not corrected within the period, The Code Enforcement Department will remove the vehicle at the vehicle owner's expense. Our goal is to eliminate conditions that hinder the health and safety, and the welfare of the public.

The Marion Code Enforcement Department wants to achieve our goal through education and cooperation with the citizens of Marion.

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