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Employee Spotlight: Marion Transit Drivers

On October 25th, eleven Marion Transit Drivers were awarded with Master Driver certificates and patches during the INCOST (Indiana Council on Specialized Transportation) Banquet in Indianapolis. Several of the drivers got to attend the banquet and receive them personally. The certification is a result of a 2-year training program called RTAP (Rural Transit Assistance Program) where transit drivers complete courses including Pre-Trip, Preventative Maintenance, Emergency Procedures & Evacuation, Substance Abuse Awareness, and Passenger Assistance Techniques.

The eleven Transit Drivers who achieved the certification:

Kathy Richardson
Gail Randle
Jim Tudor
Bob Abshire
Randy Church
Tonya Kroft
Lisa McClung
Shirley Butler
Kenny Gillespie
Tim Yeakle
Teresa Glessner

"I'm proud of our Transit Drivers who have been very busy over the past two years. We have some of the best drivers in Indiana who are proud employees of the City of Marion," said Marion Transportation Director, Jeff Edwards.

Two Transit Drivers, Leslie Conaway and Latisha Buckler, who were hired recently are also going through the certification process.

Media Contact:
Jeff Edwards
(765) 660-1451

The Employee Spotlight feature is given as a result of a recommendation by the employee's direct supervisor. The purpose of the Employee Spotlight is to recognize the outstanding work of City of Marion employees as well as build morale by providing another source of recognition for great work or a display of great character.

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