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Marion Airport Accessible Despite State Road 9 Construction

Entrance into the Marion Municipal Airport in Marion (Grant County) is fully accessible despite construction on Indiana State Road 9. Road improvements along an approximate 6-mile stretch of State Road 9 began this week, however motorists will have access into the airport.

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) officials say barricades must be in place during the construction window, however they’ve been positioned for even buses and large trailers to pass through.

The 2nd annual Airstrip Attack is scheduled to take place this weekend (Aug. 19th & 20th), and the annual Fly/In Cruise/In is set to occur two weeks later (Sept. 2nd). City and airport officials say motorists need not worry about gaining access into the airport during this construction period, especially for the two large events coming up.

Attached is a helpful map with recommended travel instructions and key location points. The map was created for the Airstrip Attack occurring this weekend, but access into the airport is also permitted for the upcoming Fly/In Cruise/In, as well as for general use.
(See map on Page 2)

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Jim McKinney, Marion Municipal Airport Board President
(765) 517-1176

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Marion Municipal Airport
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