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Did you know that Marion, Indiana is the Home of the Hog”?

No, not the farm animal. A Hog” is also a nickname for large motorcycles. Each year, Marion hosts Hog Daze which takes place Downtown, Marion, welcoming bike enthusiasts from all over the country. Find out why the term hog” originated in Marion, Indiana and learn more about the event.

Speaking of vehicles, there are also two booming events which take place at our prestigious regional airport. One is the longstanding Fly/​In Cruise/​In which brings in visitors from far and wide to see historical aircraft and automobiles. More recently, a new flavor of car enthusiasm is igniting as Marion, Indiana also hosts the Indy Airstrip Attack featuring high speed racing down the airport’s runway. A world record was set in 2017 for the fastest half-mile at 257 miles per hour. 

Switching gears, Marion is just a few miles south of the historical Battle of the Mississinewa, the first offensive victory of the American army during the War of 1812. Busloads of thousands travel to Marion during the Mississinewa 1812” reenactment weekend which takes place each fall on the very grounds the battle took place over 200 years ago. 

Marion also houses the international Quilters Hall of Fame, the home of quilt designer Marie Webster, one of the first female entrepreneurs. Quilters and enthusiasts from all of the world gather here to see unique quilts, take classes, and celebrate the folk art of quilting.

If you’re a fan of the Garfield comic, Marion features three of the dozen unique Garfield statues which spread throughout the county along the Grant County Garfield Trail. 

And dare we forget to share that Marion, Indiana is the birthplace of the legendary Hollywood icon, James Dean. You might visit the James Dean Birth Site Memorialdowntown at 4th and McClure Streets on your way to or from the multitude of attractions in his hometown of Fairmount, also right here in Grant County. 

Discover all Marion attractions including places to dine, shop, stay, and play by visiting Show Me Grant County, provided by our Grant County Visitors Bureau.