Art Scene

Art Scene

Marion touts a rich arts scene which sets itself apart from many other cities its size. People travel from far and wide to immerse in Marion’s vast culture of the arts.

Some of Marion’s most prominent arts groups include:

Community School of the Arts

Community School of the Arts is a highly acclaimed arts education and performance center specializing in dance, theatre, music and more, serving hundreds of students who even come from many adjacent counties, in serious pursuit of the arts. CSA also partners with Marion Community Schools in academic programming with the support of the Arts Scholars Program. (http://​www​.csa​-mar​i​on​.com/)

Hoosier Shakes

Hoosier Shakes is made up of professional and student artists mainly known for performances which highlight the works of William Shakespeare. The non-profit repertory theatre company specializes in outdoor theatre using simple staging and live music. (http://​hoosier​shakes​.com/)

Marion Civic Theatre

Marion Civic Theatre is one of Grant County’s revered theatre performance groups, offering many unique and traditional live acts throughout the year presented by community volunteers inside the historic James Dean Memorial Theater. (https://​www​.mar​i​on​-civic​-the​atre​.org/)

Marion Philharmonic Orchestra

Marion Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the most premier resources for the arts in Marion, and the state. The MPO enriches the lives of our community and tourists who come to enjoy its divine musical presentations from a stream of talented composers and musicians. (https://​mpo​mar​i​on​.org/)

Quilters Hall of Fame

Quilters Hall of Fame is the home of the world-renowned historical figure Marie Webster, one of the first ever female business owners, and the designer known for inventing the appliqué quilting style. The restored Colonial Revival home is an exceptional place to discover the folk art of quilting. https://​quil​ter​shallof​fame​.net/

Downtown Marion

Downtown, Marion is where you’ll typically find its arts community, which houses a full array of dance/​performing, culinary, and martial arts studios. There are also recording studios, small art galleries (some within small businesses), music lesson centers, graphic design resources, and a public library & museum which houses a plethora of resources to quench one’s interest in the arts. Fashion is art, too! Marion has fashion boutiques located downtown, and also offers retail for dance apparel.

Local leaders representing the arts are coming together to establish its very own citywide arts council. To learn more, contact Greg Fiebig at greg@​hoosiershakes.​com.