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Mar 31, 2017  |  Web Administrator

Tammy Wolf is a very deserving employee who is passionate about her job. She helps guide victims of abuse through the criminal justice system and advocates for them.” — Angela Haley, Marion Police Chief

Below is a letter from a woman thanking Tammy for saving her from a life of abuse:

I wanted to take a minute and thank you (Tammy Wolf) for saving my life. You walked into my life when I was so broken I couldn’t move forward or even turn left or right. A lot won’t understand this statement but you do…to take my next breath each day was painful.

I’ll never forget the day I was in the hospital and you reached out to me after laying there beat up and fighting for my life you wouldn’t give up on me. Telling me to go home, that I was beautiful and God would give me a pure and true love one day but I had to make the step and in doing so, it would be the start to a new life.

In my head I learned how to take the physical abuse. It became a way of life but I couldn’t seem to break free from rejection and emotional pain. What I felt was love as you know was once again my life be destroyed. The day you took my hand and walked me through every crushing step I knew it was best but never ever did I picture (myself) healthy again, happy, hearing the sound of my own laugh again.

Tammy, because of you and your love for women like me I am more than on my feet working and living but my Prince has Walked in my life and Joy is what I feel everyday.

Thank you for saving my life and please realize you really did save my life. One day you will see all the blessings from all you have done!! Marion Adv (Tammy) was my angel.


The Employee Spotlight award is given as a result of a recommendation by the employee’s direct supervisor. The purpose of the Employee Spotlight is to recognize the outstanding work of City of Marion employees as well as build morale by providing another source of recognition for great work or a display of great character.

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