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Aug 8, 2019  |  Web Administrator

Phil Sheveily has been the mechan­ic for the City of Mar­i­on Trans­porta­tion Depart­ment for over 10 years. He inspects, diag­noses, adjusts, repairs, and replaces bus equip­ment, and per­forms relat­ed pre­ven­ta­tive main­te­nance func­tions. He also keeps records of all main­te­nance and month­ly check­ups, and advis­es the super­vi­sor of parts that need to be pur­chased. Phil also orders all clean­ing prod­ucts and parts for the depart­ment. Phil dri­ves to off-site loca­tions when nec­es­sary to repair vehi­cles. He also goes to any acci­dent involv­ing a Mar­i­on Tran­sit vehi­cle to inspect and deter­mine if it is drivable.

Phil is a Cer­ti­fied Mas­ter Engine Machin­ist through the Nation­al Insti­tute for Auto­mo­tive Ser­vice Excel­lence (ASE). He is also cer­ti­fied through the Nation­al Rur­al Tran­sit Assis­tance Pro­gram (RTAP) as a rea­son­able sus­pi­cion super­vi­sor, and has the cre­den­tials to deter­mine the right pro­ce­dure in the event of an accident.

Phil’s knowl­edge has saved the depart­ment and City of Mar­i­on a great deal of mon­ey over the years. We have very few bus­es that need out­side repairs. Phil goes above and beyond his duties includ­ing help­ing City­wide Main­te­nance mechan­ics on some of their vehi­cles. He is always will­ing to lend a help­ing hand. Phil has even helped many employ­ees after hours with their vehi­cle prob­lems. He’s also quite a joke­ster. He can come up with some jokes that will have you rolling in laughter.”

-Trans­porta­tion Man­age­ment Staff