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Parks & Recreation Receives Matching $50,000 for New Playground Equipment Share

Oct 5, 2020  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

The City of Mar­i­on Parks & Recre­ation Depart­ment has been award­ed a match­ing grant in the amount of $50,000 for new play­ground equip­ment in mul­ti­ple aged parks through­out the city.

The grant award comes from Sin­clair Recre­ation, LLC’s giv­ing pro­gram, Game­Time Cares. More infor­ma­tion about the pro­gram is found at game​time​.com/​cares.

The Parks & Recre­ation Depart­ment plans to make an order of mul­ti­ple play­ground struc­tures before the end of Octo­ber. The Depart­ment plans to install the new struc­tures through­out the parks in the spring of 2021, when the ground unfreezes.

Parks & Recre­ation and City­wide Main­te­nance Super­in­ten­dent, James Loftis, said he’s excit­ed for the parks sys­tem as a whole. We’ve been look­ing for ways to upgrade the aged park sys­tem. With the lim­it­ed funds we have, it’s almost essen­tial that we look for grants. In get­ting this grant, we can upgrade and add new struc­tures to the parks — not one — but mul­ti­ple struc­tures. We want­ed to upgrade the parks to give fam­i­lies a rea­son to come out and use the parks again. This is only the begin­ning of good things to come.”

It will be announced at a lat­er time which parks will be receiv­ing the new play­ground equip­ment and the type of equip­ment each will receive. There are 13 parks in the City of Marion’s park sys­tem, and it is esti­mat­ed that five parks will receive the new structures.

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