Pam Leming Share

Feb 7, 2019  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

Pam Lem­ing began work­ing for the City of Mar­i­on in March of 2004 (near­ly 15 years ago). She first served in claims for the Controller’s Office, then after a year, she was pro­mot­ed to Deputy Con­troller pri­mar­i­ly in charge of pay­roll. In 2012, she moved to the Trans­porta­tion Depart­ment where she remains today as their Admin­is­tra­tive Assis­tant. She also man­ages admin­is­tra­tive tasks for two oth­er depart­ments serv­ing as the Admin­is­tra­tive Assis­tant for the Engi­neer­ing Depart­ment and City Hall Build­ing & Grounds Depart­ment for the past 10 years.

Trans­porta­tion Direc­tor Jeff Edwards explained that Lem­ing is an inte­gral part of what makes the Trans­porta­tion Depart­ment successful.

She’s my right hand. Pam is a big rea­son that we have a good team. I tell her all the time that she is appre­ci­at­ed, but I want­ed her to have this spe­cial recog­ni­tion to tell her how lucky I am for her and all the work that she does,” added Edwards.

Parks & Recre­ation Office Man­ag­er Rose Cade­na is a fel­low admin­is­tra­tive employ­ee who has worked with Lem­ing for near­ly 12 years.

Admin­is­tra­tive Assis­tants behind the scenes do not get the recog­ni­tion they deserve. She goes above and beyond any­time I call her. She is depend­able, hard-work­ing, and helps wher­ev­er need­ed. She is always a plea­sure to work with,” expressed Cadena.