Officer Joshua Swanson Share

Jan 1, 2017  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

The City of Mar­i­on con­grat­u­lates Offi­cer Joshua Swan­son for excel­lence in his work and going above his call of duty. Below is a let­ter from a Mar­i­on cit­i­zen thank­ing Offi­cer Swan­son for his assis­tance the night of the Walk­way of Lights Christ­mas Parade…

(I) have to take a minute to THANK and rec­og­nize an offi­cer from the Mar­i­on Police Depart­ment. Yes you read that right. .…An offi­cer came up and asked me to move my truck as I was in his emer­gency route. I explained to him that we were sit­ting in the truck because the boys did­n’t have coats on. He had me back up and park the wrong way so we could still watch the parade. He came up about 5 min­utes lat­er and asked how many kids need­ed coats. I said I had my coat that one of my sons could put on but the oth­er would still need one. He took off his coat and gave it to him so we did­n’t have to sit in the truck. He then stood out dur­ing the whole freez­ing cold parade in a t‑shirt so that my son could have his coat. Offi­cer Swan­son, THANK YOU from the bot­tom of my heart. I see so much neg­a­tiv­i­ty towards our police, and I want to make sure this man gets rec­og­nized for what he did tonight. Thank you again, Offi­cer Swan­son! You real­ly made my kids’ night!”

If you are see­ing exem­plary ser­vice from one of our City of Mar­i­on employ­ees, we encour­age you to reach out to us and let their super­vi­sors know.

The Employ­ee Spot­light is post­ed once a month in the order it is received by the employ­ee’s direct super­vi­sor. The pur­pose of the Employ­ee Spot­light is to help the Mar­i­on com­mu­ni­ty rec­og­nize out­stand­ing work of mem­bers of our team as well as build morale by pro­vid­ing anoth­er source of recog­ni­tion for great work or a dis­play of great character.

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