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Jan 1, 2017  |  Web Administrator

The City of Marion congratulates Officer Joshua Swanson for excellence in his work and going above his call of duty. Below is a letter from a Marion citizen thanking Officer Swanson for his assistance the night of the Walkway of Lights Christmas Parade…

(I) have to take a minute to THANK and recognize an officer from the Marion Police Department. Yes you read that right. .…An officer came up and asked me to move my truck as I was in his emergency route. I explained to him that we were sitting in the truck because the boys didn’t have coats on. He had me back up and park the wrong way so we could still watch the parade. He came up about 5 minutes later and asked how many kids needed coats. I said I had my coat that one of my sons could put on but the other would still need one. He took off his coat and gave it to him so we didn’t have to sit in the truck. He then stood out during the whole freezing cold parade in a t-shirt so that my son could have his coat. Officer Swanson, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I see so much negativity towards our police, and I want to make sure this man gets recognized for what he did tonight. Thank you again, Officer Swanson! You really made my kids’ night!”

If you are seeing exemplary service from one of our City of Marion employees, we encourage you to reach out to us and let their supervisors know.

The Employee Spotlight is posted once a month in the order it is received by the employee’s direct supervisor. The purpose of the Employee Spotlight is to help the Marion community recognize outstanding work of members of our team as well as build morale by providing another source of recognition for great work or a display of great character.

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