Nikki Owen Share

Sep 1, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

For nearly three years, Nicole Nikki” Owen has worked as the Administrative Assistant to the Mayor and Chief of Staff. She is also the smiling face and welcoming voice of City Hall as the main receptionist for the City of Marion.

Mayor Jess Alumbaugh says Owen has brought a genuine welcoming atmosphere to City Hall.

No matter where I am, at some point, someone comments on how nice it is to be able to talk with a live person, and receive immediate attention to their concern when they call or come into City Hall,” said Mayor Alumbaugh.

Chief of Staff Mike Flynn expounded on Owen’s strong skill set. Nikki handles multiple tasks efficiently and effortlessly. From managing administrative duties for the Mayor and myself, to addressing an array of community requests…she has been a true asset to the operation of our office,” said Flynn.

Director of Marketing & Community Relations Layla Price says she sees the difference in the overall morale within City Hall due to Owen’s presence. I don’t want to know what our government office would be like without her. Nikki adapted well to her temporary office while the Mayor’s reception area was undergoing improvements earlier this summer. She really runs the show around here and keeps everyone in sync.” said Price.

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