New Domain for City Website & Email Addresses Activated Share

Sep 1, 2017  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

A new domain for the web­site was acti­vat­ed this week, offi­cial­ly bring­ing the city web­site back up to the pub­lic. City​of​mar​i​on​.in​.gov access­es the City’s cur­rent site indefinitely.

We chose this domain because it is free through the State of Indi­ana, and many oth­er com­mu­ni­ties are uti­liz­ing this ser­vice at no cost, yield­ing the offi­cial address and coin­cid­ing email address­ing sys­tem,” explained Mike Fly­nn, Chief of Staff.

The new domain was pro­mot­ed in ear­ly July as a tagline on every ban­ner bear­ing the new brand down­town. The domain would have been imple­ment­ed around the same time­frame, but acti­va­tion was delayed as a result of instal­la­tion of a com­plete­ly new phone sys­tem for the City.

In tan­dem with the new web domain, all employ­ees are now uti­liz­ing a new email domain. The email domain name which was once is now

The City is final­iz­ing a new state-of-the-art design for the web­site through a no-cost part­ner­ship with Indi­ana Wes­leyan University’s Mar­i­on Design Co team. The new design will be launched this fall.

Media Con­tact: Mike Fly­nn 765.662.9931 mflynn@​cityofmarion.​in.​gov