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New City Website Launches through Work with IWU’s Marion Design Co. Share

Dec 21, 2017  |  Web Administrator

(Marion, IN) December 21st, 2017 – The City of Marion is launching a brand new website on Thursday (today), Dec 21st, after finalizing an 18-month collaborative design process with Marion Design Co. of Indiana Wesleyan University. The new website’s look stems from a lengthy branding process conducted by one group of students, while the site’s features and function stem from different yet connected group representing Marion Design Co. 

Since the summer of 2016, the City of Marion has been working with this community-minded team in the website design process. The collaborative group focused on three goals to help website users 1) stay informed, 2) complete day-to-day actions, and 3) connect to information. The website is designed to perform responsively with today’s progressing technology…and it’s certainly mobile-friendly. Unlike the past, City officials will be able to update content without commissioning a third party. The new website is also designed to be simple, intuitive, sustainable, and reliable. 

In step with other progressive communities, the City of Marion is utilizing a free domain provided by the State of Indiana: www​.city​of​mar​i​on​.in​.gov.

Co-founder of Marion Design Co. and Senior Digital Designer Luke Anspach explains, The City of Marion’s website is a natural hub for communication, information, and accessibility to resources. Any social media platform connects back to the hub.”

He added, after the launch on Thursday, there will inevitably be bugs” to fix. The team will work on making tweaks and updates based on feedback from initial exploration, and will continue to improve the new website. As the site launches, it will take a couple of days to fully transfer. If the new site is not displaying immediately, don’t worry. It will indeed transfer over.” 

City of Marion Director of Marketing & Community Relations Layla Price reflected on the extensive collaborative process. There are so many people to thank who have gotten us to where we are today. From the individuals who helped create this partnership, to the professors and students who have worked so hard, to the funding partners…the City of Marion has a website of which we should be so proud.”

The City of Marion sincerely thanks:

Marion Design Co.; Indiana Wesleyan University; Community Foundation of Grant County

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