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Livability East Central Indiana Magazine Touts Marion/Grant County Attractions, Businesses, and More Share

Mar 23, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

The 2018 edition of Livability East Central Indiana magazine released this week includes Marion and Grant County in feature stories exploring attractions, businesses, and outstanding programs throughout the ten-county region. 

In the publication’s Discover East Central Indiana” section, world-renowned legend James Dean’s hometown of Fairmount including his gravesite, exhibits, and annual festival, as well as his birth place of Marion is highlighted. Additionally, an intriguing double-page image in the Gallery” section showcases Dean’s 55 Triumph Trophy 500 motorcycle. The Garfield Trail in Marion & Grant County is featured in the same section. The trail is a fun array of twelve Garfield statues dispersed throughout the county, saluting the admirable character’s creator, Marion native Jim Davis. The Cardinal Greenway is also mentioned, a 62-mile rail trail which runs through Marion as well as many small towns in Grant County along its journey. 

Livability East Central Indiana 2018 Edition
Livability East Central Indiana 2018 Edition

The magazine’s Quality of Life” section calls attention to Marion & Grant County’s annual Mississinewa 1812, the nation’s largest reenactment of the War of 1812. Also recognized is Marion’s popular Concerts in the Gardens Series held in the nationally acclaimed Gardens of Matter Park each summer.

In the Business Climate” section, Livability ECI focuses on international investment, spotlighting Marion’s Huhtamaki (Finland), and Ardagh Group (Luxemburg) manufacturers. Foreign direct investment is strong here, with 13 countries having operations in East Central Indiana,” they reported in 10 Good Reasons to Live, Work, and Invest in East Central Indiana.” 

In a section called Talent,” the magazine features Marion Community Schools’ robotics program, touting five elementary school robotics teams and two intermediate grade teams. Educators and business mentors agree the skills students learn through robotics competitions will give them an advantage when competing for advanced manufacturing and engineering jobs,” quoted Livability ECI. Indiana Wesleyan University and Taylor University are noted in the magazine as advantageous higher education institutions. 

The Health Care” section gives recognition to both Marion General Hospital, a convenient privately-owned community hospital, and the VA Northern Indiana Health Care System, also in Marion, as shining examples of East Central Indiana’s high-quality health care facilities. 

In the Culinary Agritourism” section, the reader will find a special article on Jefferson Street BBQ of Converse. The bustling small-town farm-to-fork’ restaurant is noted for helping to stimulate the local economy and promoting relationships between the consumer and the farmer. 

The magazine is only in its 2nd year. 7,000 copies are distributed throughout the region, and the publication is used in efforts to promote East Central Indiana outside the state. In Marion/​Grant County, you may find copies in the Marion Municipal Building, Marion Public Library, Marion-Grant County Chamber of Commerce, and Grant County Economic Growth Council among others.

Livability East Central Indiana is sponsored by the East Central Indiana Regional Partnership.

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President/​CEO, Livability ECI Regional Partnership 



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