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Feb 8, 2018  |  Web Administrator

Julie Fauser has been with the Parks & Recreation Department since February 21st, 2012. Julie is basically responsible for developing programs for youth and adults. She promotes new and existing programs and facilities within our Parks in our community. She assists in organizing, directing and controlling all recreation programs and activities. She also performs various clerical and administrative duties. Julie manages the Garden House rentals and every aspect of its daily business. She also coordinates the Concerts in the Gardens” series in Matter Park each summer. She helps promote and run the Education Series at the Garden House. Julie also serves on our Walkway of Lights board and helps with the seasonal programs. She organizes and runs the Walkway of Lights Christmas Parade every year for the City of Marion. Julie not only performs her duties but helps with many others.

Julie works hard leading programs at the Gardens, Walkway of Lights Christmas Parade and more…bringing energy, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. We appreciate her dedication to make our events thrive each year.”

Mayor Jess Alumbaugh

Julie Fauser has always been a team player and puts on many hats for the Parks Dept. She has a very positive and bright personality. Julie has been a key to our success when it comes to the the rentals of the Garden House. She is always willing to jump in and help at any moment and wherever needed, and has been a pleasure to work with.”

Rose Cadena, Parks & Recreation

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