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Oct 4, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

Lifelong Marion resident, Gary McClure, is a retired educator and administrator, and active member of the community. In his formative years he was a paperboy, following suit with all of his siblings. After graduating from Marion High School, he went to college at both Indiana University and Ball State University. He then worked as a teacher for Marion Community Schools, and after just two years, was promoted to the administration serving as principal for multiple schools within the system for a total of 31 years. McClure was able to retire at age 55, but soon after took on a position at Indiana Wesleyan University as an adjunct professor. After 13 years working in that capacity, at the age of 68, he officially retired and turned his attention toward giving back to the community while enjoying life and family.

Over the years, McClure served on many boards including the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, Sunnycrest United Methodist Church, and Habitat for Humanity. He has recently volunteered with Main Street Marion cleaning out the old Wolfe Building which is now in renovation. He’s assisted Gilead Ministries with their Golf Scramble and with patient transportation. He’s volunteered at the VA Northern IN Hospital as a greeter. He’s mentored students through Project Leadership, and has advocated for improvements in his neighborhood including the addition of sewer & water into Hickory Hills.

Currently, McClure stays as busy as ever in serving food four days a week at the St. Martin Community Center. He helps maintain the Cardinal Greenway in Marion one day a week. He does custodial work for his church, and helps with crowd control for major events at IWU.

Of all his voluntary community services, helping out at St. Martin holds deepest meaning to him. McClure remembers his parents owning and operating a boarding house when he was young, and reflects on their dedication into helping out people and families in need, and furthermore, treating them like family.

McClure pays it forward by treating many residents here in Marion like family. He enjoys the fact that Marion is a smaller community where you can get to know a lot of people, make lots of friendships, get involved in other’s lives, and help those in need.

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