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Oct 30, 2017  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

The City of Marion’s Employee Spotlight for October is a team of Marion Fire Fighters: Captain Jordan Lamb, Fire Prevention Officer Chad Jenkins, Engineer Stephen Johnson II, and Firefighter Tharis Jones.

On 9/17/17, Capt. Lamb, Eng. Jenkins, Eng. Johnson, and Pvt. Jones of Engine 6 arrived on the scene of a shooting at W. Colonial Dr. and S. Home Ave.

Captain Lamb reported, “(We) found patient lying on his back barely breathing with a gunshot wound to the upper groin. We found the wound and applied direct pressure. While doing that we also were able to establish an airway with an op airway and we started breathing for the patient with the bag valve mask hooked to oxygen at 15L per minute. MGH EMS then arrived on scene and took over all primary care of the patient. I stepped away because dispatch radioed me wanting to know where the landing zone would be for the helicopter. I advised dispatch to send Center Township to the VA on the very northwest section of the campus to set up the landing zone. I then went back to helping with the patient. We loaded the patient onto the cot and into the back of the ambulance. I then walked over to the VA to show Center township exactly where I wanted the landing zone. Eng. Johnson drove and Pvt. Jones and Eng. Jenkins rode in the back of the ambulance to the landing zone. We stood by while waiting for the helicopter to arrive. Once the helicopter arrived, we unloaded the patient onto Lutheran Air’s cot. Right after we did the patient coded. We then loaded the patient back into the ambulance and began CPR. Myself and Eng. Jenkins rotated with compressions while Pvt. Jones assisted the paramedics and flight staff. We went en route to MGH by ground. 2 minutes before we arrived we were able to get a pulse back on the patient and stabilize him. Once arriving at MGH, we immediately took the patient upstairs and loaded him onto the helicopter which had flown from the VA to MGH helipad.”

In a letter to Marion Fire Chief Geoff Williams, Grant County Sheriff Reggie Nevels said, Two Marion Police Officers were first on scene and were trying to find the shooter, secure witnesses, assess vital signs of the victim, and protect evidence all at the same time. The officers were able to access the victim’s condition briefly and notified dispatchers that an ambulance was needed in an urgent matter. It is when Marion Fire Department Station 6 arrived that I would like to address. Although it was unknown where the shooter was, who the shooter was, and what danger laid ahead, the following Fire Fighters jumped into action without hesitation: Captain Jordan Lamb, Fire Fighter Tharis Jones, Engineer Stephen Johnson II, and Fire Prevention Officer Chad Jenkins. They did an excellent job of treating the patient and eventually saved his life. This unit stopped the bleeding by one person applying pressure to the wound as others placed a tourniquet above the wound. The victim had lost a lot of blood and the Fire Fighters stayed with the ambulance personnel as they continued treatment. It was later learned that as the victim was being loaded into the helicopter for transport he coded” and was rushed to Marion General Hospital by a Paramedic unit and the personnel of Station #6. While on the way to Marion General Hospital the victim was stabilized and flown to a Fort Wayne Hospital where he has undergone several surgeries and is expected to come through this ordeal with his life and his leg. When the victim was shot, the bullet nicked the femoral artery of his left leg which as you know usually is a fatal injury; however, the quick response to the scene and actions of Station #6 truly saved this man’s life.”

Congratulations, Capt. Lamb, FPO Jenkins, Eng. Johnson, and Pvt. Jones, on a job performed exceptionally through teamwork and focus. Thanks to your actions, a man is alive and recovering. We are proud of our Marion Fire Department, our Marion Police, and all the other agencies involved in response to this incident.

The Employee Spotlight award is given as a result of a recommendation by the employee’s direct supervisor. The purpose of the Employee Spotlight is to recognize the outstanding work of City of Marion employees as well as build morale by providing another source of recognition for great work or a display of great character.

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