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Jul 3, 2018  |  Layla Price-Bodkin

Dwight Ott has lived in Marion since he was a boy. He attended Mississinewa High School then earned a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana Wesleyan University in Business Administration. His first job was with School Employees Credit Union, which later became Via CU. He then began a business venture with his brother to buy Wesleyan Healthcare. He has since been in this business as part owner and Chief Financial Officer of what is now called TLC Management which operates 17 communities of care, rehabilitation, and/​or assisted living in both IN and FL.

Ott has a genuine love for Marion and has shown appreciation for his community through various volunteer efforts and unique initiatives. For 31 years, he has been serving through his church (College Wesleyan) through accounting services and the church board, and serves on the finance & investment committee for the Wesleyan denomination. 

Ott has served on the Marion Public Library Board (12 yrs), the Marion Easter Pageant Committee (10 yrs), and is the newest member of the Marion Board of Aviation. He was also the president of the Cancer Services of Grant County board for 10 years.

Flying is one of Ott’s passions. He has held a pilot’s license since 1991, and in 2007 became licensed to fly a helicopter. It saves a lot of time traveling for our business,” explained Ott.

Ott was a devoted member of the Marion Rotary Club and served on their board for 5 years. Seven years ago, Dwight initiated the Rotary’s annual Golf Ball Drop where he flies his helicopter 150 feet in the air releasing mass quantities of golf balls where sponsors vie for a hole in one” while raising funds for scholarships and projects. 

Just weeks ago, Ott was recognized by the Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police with a Citizens Helping Police” Award for flying his helicopter with law enforcement during a robbery suspect pursuit in Marion in 2016. I didn’t think twice about it. I love flying aircraft and I love helping my community,” said Ott.

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