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City of Marion to Launch Arts Alliance; Listening Sessions Begin 1/24/18 Share

Jan 23, 2018  |  Web Administrator

The City of Marion is launching an Arts Alliance. Recognizing that an active arts community already exists in Marion, the Arts Alliance hopes to unite these individual artists, arts initiatives, and art organizations together to form a collective vision for the Marion community. The Arts Alliance believes that they can achieve more together than they can apart. They will seek funding opportunities — funds that would not be attainable if functioning as separate entities — that will help catalyze a true arts community in Marion.

Guiding team member, Greg Fiebig, believes that a united art community in Marion is essential: The arts are a vital part of our culture. They help entertain, educate, and enlighten toward a greater good. What could local artists and arts organizations do together that we cannot do separately? Synergy occurs when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Imagine the synergistic impact we could have as artists and arts organizations if we were to consciously create a unified arts community.”

In support of the Arts Alliance, Mayor Jess Alumbaugh says: The City of Marion has an abundance of talented artists in our community. Creating an Arts Alliance will serve as a mechanism to bring these talented artists together to promote the arts and the many other cultural events we offer here in Marion. I am a firm believer — and I’ve often said — we as a community can achieve so much more by working together.”

The Arts Alliance will begin by listening to the active artists of the Marion community. The guiding team will host listening sessions on Wednesdays over January and February; all sessions will take place in the second-floor conference room of City Hall. Each session will begin at 6:00pm on the specific dates listed below. There will be a series of four listening sessions: Performing Arts, Musical Arts, Fine Arts, and Artisan Crafts. Each session is welcome to all artists, but if possible, the guiding team requests that artists attend the session most fitting to their art practice.

January 24th – Performing Arts: including but not limited to dance, theater, and creative writing

January 31st – Musical Arts: including but not limited to symphonies, soloists, and individual musicians 

February 7th – Fine Arts: including but not limited to pottery, painting, and illustration 

February 14th – Artisan Crafts: including but not limited to design, visual arts, woodworking, furniture building, and hand lettering 


Greg Fiebieg, Hoosier Shakes, 765.243.2321, greg@​hoosiershakes.​com

Katie Morgan, Community School of the Arts, 765.669.0356, katemmorgan@​msn.​com

Kayla Johnson, City of Marion, 765.382.3797, kjohnson@​cityofmarion.​in.​gov

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