City Emails to Expire Share

Jan 5, 2018  |  Web Administrator

As of Janu­rary 5th, 2018, the old City of Mar­i­on email address,, will no longer be avail­able. Email­ing a City employ­ee using this old domain will not redi­rect you to the cor­rect address.

If you haven’t already done so, please take action to record our new domain, @city​of​mar​i​on​.in​.gov. When address­ing future emails, type the employ­ee’s first ini­tial, last name, fol­lowed by the domain, @city​of​mar​i​on​.in​.gov. This includes Com­mon Coun­cil mem­bers’ City assigned emails.

Main City of Mar­i­on con­tacts are list­ed in the Direc­to­ry of our new web­site, www​.city​of​mar​i​on​.in​.gov which may be found at the bot­tom of the home page or on the right side once you click on the menu sym­bol (3 hor­i­zon­tal lines) at the top of the home­page. If you are try­ing to con­tact a cer­tain depart­ment via email, we encour­age you to go here and find the per­son you are search­ing for, or some­one who will con­nect you with your desired point of con­tact. Note: Con­tact emails for boards & com­mis­sions, includ­ing Com­mon Coun­cil mem­bers, are list­ed under Gov­ern­ment, Boards & Commissions. 

As a reminder, the old web­site domain, www​.mar​i​onin​di​ana​.us, is already inac­tive and will also not redi­rect you to our new website.

Thank you.