City Emails to Expire Share

Jan 5, 2018  |  Web Administrator

As of Janurary 5th, 2018, the old City of Marion email address,, will no longer be available. Emailing a City employee using this old domain will not redirect you to the correct address.

If you haven’t already done so, please take action to record our new domain, @city​of​mar​i​on​.in​.gov. When addressing future emails, type the employee’s first initiallast name, followed by the domain, @city​of​mar​i​on​.in​.gov. This includes Common Council members’ City assigned emails.

Main City of Marion contacts are listed in the Directory of our new website, www​.city​of​mar​i​on​.in​.gov which may be found at the bottom of the home page or on the right side once you click on the menu symbol (3 horizontal lines) at the top of the homepage. If you are trying to contact a certain department via email, we encourage you to go here and find the person you are searching for, or someone who will connect you with your desired point of contact. Note: Contact emails for boards & commissions, including Common Council members, are listed under Government, Boards & Commissions. 

As a reminder, the old website domain, www​.mar​i​onin​di​ana​.us, is already inactive and will also not redirect you to our new website.

Thank you.