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Jan 11, 2018  |  Web Administrator

Brandon Eckstein became a member of the Marion Fire Department in 2006. Since then, Brandon has built a solid resume, which includes Firefighter I & II, Strategy and Tactics, EMT, Fire Officer I, and Fire Instructor I. Brandon is on the Water Rescue/​Dive Team and is a Hazmat Tech. Brandon is a certified Fire Investigator IAAI/FIT and is the state’s only traveling certified Arson K-9 handler.

In 2017, Brandon had 15 arson cases in Marion. Statewide, Brandon and his K-9, Jersey, had assisted in 25 other cases. Last year, Brandon and Jersey trained a total of 368 hours together. Brandon was one of the investigators on the Thomson/​RCA fire that occurred on December 16th, 2017. Throughout that night, he was busy collecting evidence and documenting the scene. The next day, Brandon was busy following leads and reviewing security video, while interviewing witnesses and possible suspects.

Being a Fire Prevention Officer actually has many drawbacks. It is a thankless and tiresome job, but Brandon is 100% committed and enjoys the challenge. He continues to improve his skills, which makes him a very valuable asset to our department.”

Fire Chief Geoff Williams

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