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City­wide Maintenance

City­wide Maintenance

The City­wide Main­te­nance Depart­ment works tire­less­ly to per­pet­u­ate the community’s attrac­tive appear­ance while improv­ing safe­ty and sustainability.

They work close­ly with the Parks & Recre­ation Depart­ment, Engi­neer­ing & Traf­fic Depart­ment, and Mar­i­on Util­i­ties to pro­vide a mul­ti­tude of ser­vices across the city.

Pro­grams & Services

Leaf Pick­up

The City is sav­ing tax­pay­er dol­lars with an effi­cient leaf pick­up method. In 2016, we imple­ment­ed a sys­tem where only bagged leaves are picked up. Res­i­dents are not per­mit­ted to rake leaves to the curb or into the streets. Leaf pick­up takes place on the same day that Mar­i­on Util­i­ties con­ducts trash pick­up. Bagged leaves are only picked up in paper yard waste bags.

Yard Waste Col­lec­tion 

City­wide Main­te­nance col­lects bagged leaves or grass clip­pings as well as larg­er yard waste items such as limbs and brush through­out the year. Res­i­dents may either bring yard waste items to City­wide Main­te­nance or call and have these items picked up. This ser­vice helps res­i­dents keep their prop­er­ties main­tained all year round.


  • Mow­ing city-owned properties
  • City street snow removal
  • City vehi­cle repair
  • Tree removal
  • Demo­li­tion
  • Sig­nage and traf­fic-relat­ed instal­la­tion and maintenance
  • Alley clean­ing

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