Flood Plain Information

Local Floodplain Administration

Floodplain regulation and management is important to our community in order to diminish loss of life and repetitive property damage from flooding. Although not a common occurrence, Marion has previously experienced significant flooding. Marion’s Planning Director is the Floodplain Administrator for the City.

If you would like assistance with a floodplain issue, or have questions about Marion’s floodplain management program, you may contact the Planning Department.

Floodplain Information & Resources

The Indiana Legislature per IC 14283 has granted the regulatory power to local units of government to control land use within their jurisdictions in order to decrease flood damages and promote public health, safety and welfare.

Marion’s Floodplain Ordinance is Chapter 151 of the Marion City Code. The City relies on the Federal Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) to guide flood plain management decisions. Copies of these maps may be viewed at City Hall.

FEMA’s flood maps may be located at the following website: FEMA Interactive Flood Maps. The Federal Insurance Rate Maps or FIRMs are generated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to identify the location of flood hazard areas. 

State Permit Requirements: While the city can issue building permits for construction within floodplain areas, a permit from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is also required for any building activity or earth moving work in the floodway. Visit the DNR website to gain understanding of DNR’s permit process. http://​www​.in​.gov/dnr/