Util­i­ty Ser­vice Board

Util­i­ty Ser­vice Board

The Ser­vice Board of Mar­i­on Util­i­ties is the stew­ard of the mon­ey that you pay for util­i­ty services.

These pri­vate cit­i­zens rep­re­sent you in deter­min­ing the future of your util­i­ties and how the mon­ey that you pay can best be used to ensure reli­able ser­vices, both now and for gen­er­a­tions to come.


  • Robert Logan, Chair­man, City Coun­cil Appointment
  • Dou­glas Carl, Vice Chair­man, City Coun­cil Appointment
  • Mia Erick­son, Mem­ber, City Coun­cil Appointment
  • Al Green, Mem­ber, May­oral Appointment
  • William Dorsey, Mem­ber, May­oral Appointment
  • Von Jack­son, Mem­ber, May­oral Appointment
  • Her­schel Lewis, Mem­ber, May­oral Appointment
  • Michael Con­ner, Util­i­ty Attorney


Every 1st and 3rd Thurs­day of the month in the Train­ing Cen­ter, Build­ing 101, at Mar­i­on Util­i­ties, 1540 N. Wash­ing­ton Street, Mar­i­on, IN.


Misty Humphries

765.664.2391 ext. 115