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Utility Service Board

Utility Service Board

The Marion Utility Service Board is the steward of the money that you pay for utility services.

These private citizens represent you in determining the future of your utilities and how the money that you pay can best be used to ensure reliable services, both now and for generations to come.


  • Robert Logan, Chairman, City Council Appointment
  • Douglas Carl, Vice Chairman, City Council Appointment
  • Kristen Barney, Member, City Council Appointment
  • Adam Binkerd, Member, Mayoral Appointment
  • William Dorsey, Member, Mayoral Appointment
  • Von Jackson, Member, Mayoral Appointment
  • Herschel Lewis, Member, Mayoral Appointment
  • Michael Conner, Utility Attorney


The Board meets every first and third Thursday of the month in our Administrative Board Room at 1540 N. Washington Street in Marion. Check our Utility Calendar for updated information on meetings.


Misty Humphries

765.664.2391 ext. 115