Redevelopment Commission

Redevelopment Commission

Common Responsibilities

The Marion Redevelopment Commission is responsible for developing plans and managing tools used to address conditions of blight (redevelopment areas) and underutilized land of economic significance (economic development areas). The work of the Redevelopment Commission typically involves identifying blighted areas, designating redevelopment areas, developing plans to eliminate blight and working in partnership with private developers to generate new economic development with increased tax base and new jobs. 

The primary mission of the Redevelopment Commission is to address issues associated with blight by creating redevelopment areas, and to remove barriers to economic growth (in economic development areas). In order to accomplish these missions, the Redevelopment Commission may: 

  • Purchase land and property;
  • Hold, sell, or lease property;
  • Clear property for redevelopment purposes;
  • Repair, maintain, and make major structural improvement to property for redevelopment purposes;
  • Survey and examine land to be acquired for redevelopment purposes;
  • Appoint an executive director and other staff;
  • Accept loans, grants, and other financial assistance from Federal and State government and other sources. 


Steve Smithley – President 

Ed Merchant – Vice President 

Dru McCoy — Secretary

Julie Flores — Treasurer

Deb Cain — Common Council Appointee

Steve Henderson — Common Council Appointee

Scott Murphy — School Board Appointment

Herb Spitzter – Attorney


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