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Com­mon Council

Com­mon Council

The Mar­i­on Com­mon Coun­cil is both the City’s leg­isla­tive and finan­cial body.

Mem­bers of the Com­mon Coun­cil or City Coun­cil” are part-time elect­ed offi­cials who serve for a term of four years. They are not sub­ject to term lim­its and may run for reelec­tion as many times as they wish. As the City’s leg­isla­tive body, the Coun­cil uses many of the pow­ers giv­en to cities through the pas­sage of ordi­nances and appro­pri­a­tion of monies.

The Coun­cil fix­es the annu­al salaries of all elect­ed offi­cials of the City, which may not be changed in the year for which they are fixed, or reduced below the pre­vi­ous year’s level.

The Coun­cil also estab­lish­es the salaries of mem­bers of the City’s police and fire depart­ments. It also has the author­i­ty to reduce, but not to increase, any oth­er items in the City bud­get as sub­mit­ted by the may­or for its approval.

A Coun­cil mem­ber must have been a res­i­dent of the dis­trict from which he or she is elect­ed, if any, for at least six months before the elec­tion, and must have been a res­i­dent of the city for at least one year before the elec­tion. If the Coun­cil mem­ber ceas­es to be a res­i­dent of the city or a res­i­dent of the dis­trict from which the coun­cil mem­ber was elect­ed, the coun­cil mem­ber for­feits his or her office.

Three mem­bers of the Com­mon Coun­cil rep­re­sent the city at-large (city­wide), and six mem­bers rep­re­sent six indi­vid­ual dis­tricts or wards, to make the city an even bet­ter place to live and work. 


Ward One: Steve Hen­der­son
Ward Two: Alan Miller (Pres­i­dent)
Ward Three: Jim Brun­ner
Ward Four: Hen­ry Smith
Ward Five: Don Batch­e­lor
Ward Six: Deb­o­rah Cain (Vice President)


David Homer
Lynn John­son
Brad Luzad­der


First and third Tues­days of the month at 7:00pm in the first floor Cham­bers of City Hall

Con­tact your Councilperson:

Steve Hen­der­son
Home: 765.668.8368

Alan Miller
Work: 765.677.2574
Home: 765.662.3190
Cell: 765.660.3661

Jim Brun­ner
Cell: 765.667.8284

Hen­ry Smith
Home: 765.662.1674
Email: NA

Don Batch­e­lor
Home: 765.662.2718

Deb­o­rah Cain
Home: 765.382.9771

David Homer
Work: 765.664.0739
Home: 765.573.5910

Lynn John­son
Home: 765.662.8076
Cell: 765.631.6688

Brad Luzad­der
Home: 765.661.8784

Don’t know who your Coun­cilper­son is? Refer to the Ward Map…

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