Alcohol & Tobacco Commission

Alcohol & Tobacco Commission

The Grant County Alcohol and Tobacco Commission is an arm of the State of Indiana. There are three local representatives on the Commission.

One is appointed by the County Council, one is appointed by the County Commissioners, and one is appointed by the mayor of the City of Marion. Each serves an annual appointment or until his/​her successor is appointed and qualified. The local Commission must have a representative from each political party (Democrat and Republican). An Indiana State Police Excise Officer is also required to sit on the Commission. 

The local Commission reviews each Alcohol license issued in the County. If a violation has occurred during the previous year, the owner of the license must appear before the Commission and explain the steps taken to correct the previous violation. The local commission then votes to approve or deny each license. The action is then forwarded to the State of Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission for final approval.


Charlie Wallace ( R ), Chairman — representative of the City of Marion

Liz Wright ( D ) – representative of the County Commissioners

Stacy Sample ( D ) – representative of the County Council


The local commission meets once a month on the 1st Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held in the Grant County Council chambers at 11:00am. The meetings are open to the public. 


Charlie Wallace