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Marion Selected for Statewide Entrepreneur Project

MARION, IN – The Refinery and the City of Marion, are pleased to announce that Marion, Indiana has been chosen to participate in the Launch Indiana Community Entrepreneurial Mapping Project. This statewide program which is undertaken in conjunction with Ball State University’s Building Better Communities Program, consists of a series of community interviews which are designed to identify people, programs, and organizations which can help innovation driven entrepreneurs advance their business ideas and reduce obstacles to success.

City of Marion to Improve Parking Standards

MARION, IN: (May 2nd, 2016) – The City of Marion is taking action to improve parking standards in Marion by increasing violation fines and adding manpower to ensure enforcement, and encouraging good parking practices.

Multiple City departments have been receiving numerous complaints about inaccessible parking and lack of enforcement in time-limit parking spots, no parking zones, handicap-accessible spaces and more, for several years to present-day.

City Receives Funding to Install Wayfinding Signs

MARION, IN: (March 8th, 2016) – The City of Marion is excited to announce that the remaining funds needed to install the signs for the Marion Wayfinding System have been graciously donated by the Marion/Grant County Convention & Visitors Bureau. The funds will directly pay Dave’s Excavating, Inc. for installation and related costs.

Annexation Fiscal Plan

Detailed Summary of Annexation Impact

A Stellar Community

The City of Marion, Indiana showcases its heritage, community values and future development plans as a 2014 finalist for the Indiana Stellar Community designation.

Please watch the video here.

Community Revitalization Enhancement District (CReED)

The Community Revitalization Enhancement District (CReED) program was created by the State of Indiana under I.C. 36-7-13 and subsequently by local resolution 17-2001 as a means to encourage investment in areas that have been severely adversely affected by economic downturn and/or the loss of a specific major employer. Status as a CReED confers special tax treatment to the community in which the CReED is located and allows businesses investing or locating in the CReED to apply for an investment tax credit available exclusively in CReEDs.

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