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Building Department

The administration and enforcement of building codes and sanitation standards.

State Agency Releases Video Showcasing Marion’s Success with Blight Elimination

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) has recognized the City of Marion for outstanding participation in their Blight Elimination Program by producing and releasing a video. Marion and Gary were the only cities in the state recognized by the IHCDA through these short documentaries.

Employee Spotlight: Whitney Gilbert

We want to congratulate Whitney Gilbert for being our Spotlight City Employee for the month of March!! Thank you for all you do, Whitney!

Building Department News and Information

Important news and information regarding the Building Department. This information also includes downloadable Commercial permit applications, contractors registration and residential permits. Your must have Adobe Reader to view the files.

Building Permits

Here is a listing of Permits issued by the Building Department:

  • Building Permits
  • New dwellings, mobile homes or modular homes, new structures, accessory structures more than 200 sq. ft., roofing (sheeting/wood), additions to any existing structure or repair/replace existing material (inside or outside), alterations requiring structural change, and swimming pools, or moving buildings.

  • Electrical Permits
  • Any new service, replace, alter, addition or repair of any service.

  • Fire Suppression/Alarm system

When do I need ILP?

*An ILP (Improvement Location Permit) is required when obtaining a building permit. To obtain this permit, you must contact 765-662-9931 and ask for the Planning Department.

What is the cost of a Building Permit?

A schedule of fees may be obtained from the building department upon request. The average cost is $60.00 for a residential remodel and $150 for commercial permits.

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