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Manage and deploy the city of Marion's computer network and communications facilities.

New Domain for City Website & Email Addresses Activated

A new domain for the website was activated this week, officially bringing the city website back up to the public. accesses the City’s current site indefinitely.

“We chose this domain because it is free through the State of Indiana, and many other communities are utilizing this service at no cost, yielding the official address and coinciding email addressing system,” explained Mike Flynn, Chief of Staff.

Phone Issue Resolved Between EarthLink & Marion City Hall

MARION, IN: (Nov. 14th, 2016) – Phone calls into the main office of Marion City Hall are now coming through after a temporary disruption in service affecting EarthLink customers on a widespread level.

A couple of City of Marion employees had noticed at approximately 7am this morning that incoming calls were not going through, and callers were getting a busy signal or a greeting from an Earthlink operator, if they dialed the main line, 765-662-9931. The problem persisted until about 10am this morning, a total of about 3 hours.

EarthLink Phone System Problems Affect City Hall Incoming Calls

The City of Marion's normal business operations are being affected due to an apparent nationwide issue with EarthLink, the phone server the City of Marion utilizes. The problem was noticed early this morning when some city employees were notified that incoming calls were not going through and the callers were getting a busy signal. If one makes a call into City Hall's main line, 765-662-9931, they will receive a busy signal, or an automated response from EarthLink saying the "call cannot be completed as dialed, as the called party is busy."

Problem with Events and Meeting Calendars

There is currently a problem with Google Calendar that causes the detail times of meetings and events to randomly display the wrong time zone. This can result in a three or four hour shift in displayed start and ending times when viewing details.

The event and meeting times shown on our website home page are the correct times.

Google is working on this problem.

Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology is responsible for the transmission and storage of information, especially the development, installation, implementation, and management of computer systems for the departments of the City's municipal buildings. We are also responsible for the installation and maintenance of the City's WiFi and Fiber Optic Distribution networks.
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