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Powers and Duties of the Mayor

Powers and Duties

The mayor is responsible for the overall operation of city government. The mayor serves for a term of four years, and the office is not subject to term limits. A person is eligible to serve as mayor if her or she has resided in the city for one year prior to the election (IC 3-1-8-26). The mayor's powers and duties include:

  • enforcing the ordinances of the city and statutes of the state;
  • providing a statement of the finances and general condition of the city to the common council at least once a year;
  • providing any information regarding city affairs that the common council requests;
  • recommending, in writing, to the common council actions that he or she considers proper;
  • calling special meetings of the common council when necessary;
  • supervising subordinate officers;
  • ensuring efficient government of the city;
  • filling vacancies in the city offices when required;
  • signing all bonds, deeds, and contracts of the city and all licenses issued by the city;
  • approving or vetoing ordinances, order, and resolutions of the legislative body (veto power, subject to council override, may be exercised on a line item basis on appropriations measures (IC 36-4-6-16)

Mayors are also empowered to:

  • appoint the heads of executive departments, employees of the departments, and many, if not most, board and commission members (IC 36-4-5-4 and 36-4-11-2);
  • suspend or remove officer or employees appointed by the mayor (IC 36-4-11-2);
  • fix the salaries of all appointed officials and employees(except police and firefighters and appointees of the clerk or clerk-treasurer) subject to reduction by the common council (IC-36-4-7-3)
  • conduct monthly meetings of department heads, adopt rules and regulations for individual departments, and arrange for unannounced audit of the accounts of each department (IC-36-4-5 through 7);
  • prepare the city budget for council review (IC 36-4-7-6);
  • solemnize marriages (IC 31-11-6-1

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