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First Year of Champions to be Honored at An Evening in the Gardens

On Friday, July 21st, during An Evening in the Gardens, Mayor Jess Alumbaugh will present Certificates of Appreciation to the Champions he has recognized throughout one full year. The City of Marion began naming “Champions”…individuals who have displayed outstanding servant leadership or extraordinary achievement…beginning in July of 2016 shortly after the City adopted the new slogan, “City of Champions.”

“We have many champions in the community. The few that we recognize essentially serve as an example as to why we are the City of Champions, while encouraging citizens to serve in their own way,” explained Mayor Alumbaugh.

The presentation will take place at the Gardens of Matter Park’s annual fundraising event, An Evening in the Gardens, from 4 to 4:30pm at 1 Matter Park Circle. There is a $5 entry fee, however, designated Champions and a guest of their choice will receive free entry.

The full 12 months of Champions are listed below in chronological order. Click on each of their names to read their story.

If you would like to share the story of someone you believe to be a champion, email

July 2016 - Pearl Bassett56.28 KB
Aug 2016 - Linda Wilk57.64 KB
Sept 2016 - Dr. David Moore54.19 KB
Oct 2016 - Jim McKinney56.78 KB
Nov 2016 - Truman Bennet55.04 KB
Dec 2016 - Ruthann Sumpter59.95 KB
Jan 2017 - Ray & Paula Raines59.85 KB
Feb 2017 - Xen Stewart59.94 KB
Mar 2017 - Dr. Marvin Hinds63.54 KB
Apr 2017 - Joan Bowman & Rose Pope62.17 KB
May 2017 - Don Stodghill61.11 KB
June 2017 - Anne Marie Conrad & Micah Hoeksema65.2 KB

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