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The City Controller, Julie Flores, is appointed by the Mayor. As the City's financial officer, the Controller has a variety of powers and duties, which include the responsibility to:

  • Prescribe the forms of reports and accounts to be submitted to the department, and inspect and revise the accounts of all other departments
  • Prescribe the manner in which creditors, officers, and employees shall be paid
  • Audit the accounts of the City and submit a report at the end of each fiscal year concerning those accounts
  • Maintain separate accounts for each specific item of appropriation made by the council to each department, and require all warrants to state specifically against which of such items the warrant is drawn
  • Sign and issue all orders for money upon the City treasury
  • Retain charge of all books in the department
  • Inspect and pay, or refuse to pay under certain conditions, all warrants presented (IC 5-11-10-1 and IC 36-4-8-4)
  • Perform certain tasks in the negotiation and sale of bonds, and keep a register of all bonds of the City when so required, and an account of outstanding bonds or other obligations
  • Manage and direct the finance and accounts of the City and make investment of the City monies
  • Provide the Common Council with budget estimates, revenue estimates, financial statements, and a proposed tax rate
  • Collect all fees due to the City fixed by ordinance
  • Issue all city licenses
  • Prescribe the payroll and account forms to be used in the department and offices (IC 36-4-10-4.5 and 36-4-10-5)

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